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  • Feb112021

    Happy Chinese New Year 2021

    Soon will be long weekend, we going to celebrate Chinese New Year 2021, Year of The Ox! With this new…

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  • Mar072018

    Why Harbor Need To Use FRP Grating?

    If you visit the harbor, you will surely find the abundance of wood use especially in the seafront area. One…

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  • Feb272018

    Another New FRP Products Gallery

    We have another new Products Gallery at www.frpindonesia.indonetwork.co.id. Find the full range of industrial needs you need in our product…

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  • Feb202018

    Have You Check Our New Products Gallery?

    Currently you can also check our products, on our new product gallery at www.frpindonesia.com. Find the full range of industrial…

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  • Jan312018

    Why OLine frp products suitable for food industry?

    Oline fiberglass gratings and structure have many uses in the food industry as they represent an excellent alternative to stainless…

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  • Jan222018

    FRP Cable Tray As Your Solution

      FRP Cable Tray – Orindo Eratec | Smart customers are focused more on quality than prices. This is the reason…

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  • Jan162018

    FRP Molded Grating in Offshore Oil Platforms.

    FRP Molded Grating – Orindo Eratec | The reason why offshore oil platforms need to use grating from composites because offshore…

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  • Jan102018

    MIT Nanofibers Offer Strength, Toughness

    Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a process that can produce ultrafine fibers — whose diameter…

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  • Jan082018

    Mold Making and Maintenance

    In the November/December 2017 issue of Composites Manufacturing, we focused on choices and considerations in building glass fiber reinforced molds. In this follow-up…

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  • Jan052018

    Value of the Global market for FRP Cable Tray in 2017 and 2022

    The FRP Cable Tray Market report is exploring and offers huge data and sensible information of the worldwide FRP Cable Tray market.…

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