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  • Jan252023

    Upgrade Your Drainage System with OLine Drainage: The Solution to Clogged Drainage in Indonesia

    Indonesia’s drainage system just got an upgrade with the arrival of OLine Drainage. The company offers two top-of-the-line drainage options…

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  • Jan202023

    Innovative Solutions for Sewage Management in Indonesia: O-MAX PP and FRP Septic Tanks

    Are you tired of dealing with the headaches and hassles of conventional septic tanks? Look no further than O-MAX Septic…

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  • Jan022023

    Maximizing FRP Molded Grating Performance in 2023: Tips on Thickness & Resin Selection

    As we approach the new year of 2023, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the various options…

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  • Dec192022

    From Construction to Infrastructure: The Many Benefits of OLine FRP Pultrusion Products

    FRP pultrusion is a process used to manufacture fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) products with a consistent cross-section and high strength-to-weight ratio.…

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  • Dec062022


    Currently, conventional septic tanks are no longer recommended for densely populated areas. Due to a large number of cases of…

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  • Nov222022

    Composite Handrail

    Composite Handrail, also widely known as FRP Handrail, has many advantages in its use in various industries. Its light weight…

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  • Oct252022

    FRP Manhole Cover

    Manhole covers that are currently widely used are non-FRP (Fiberglass) materials, but there are some problems in using them. Among…

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  • Oct182022

    Be Safe in Recession by Using FRP!

    In industry, the use of gratings, cable trays, and cable ladders is widely found. Especially in the mining industry, offshore…

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  • Oct072022

    FRP Handrail

    Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) handrails are easy-to-install, lightweight components that are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These industrial-rated…

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  • Sep232022

    Grating Anti Korosi

    Grating Anti Korosi menjadi salah satu kebutuhan banyak industri yang memiliki resiko korosi tinggi. Grating yang bersifat anti korosi ini…

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