Be Safe in Recession by Using FRP!

Be Safe in Recession by Using FRP!
October 18, 2022 Oritec
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In industry, the use of gratings, cable trays, and cable ladders is widely found. Especially in the mining industry, offshore industry, pulp and paper, factories, maritime, and not infrequently office buildings. However, the commonly used materials are iron, aluminum, and wood, so they require regular maintenance approximately once every 3 years to maintain the safety of their workers and will certainly cost quite a bit. As we heard in 2023, many have said that there will be a recession in the world. So saving maintenance costs is one solution that can be done by an industry (company), especially industries that are prone to corrosion. 


Using FRP products as instruments in an industry can provide many advantages. Among them are savings in maintenance costs, because in the installation there is no need to do welding and painting, it is anti-corrosion/rust, and the ease of installation due to the light weight of the product, thereby reducing the use of cranes, accompanied by the ability in terms of great product strength, and is also fire-resistant. retardant. FRP products themselves can be used for a long period of time, approximately 10 years to 20 years depending on the level of corrosion in the vicinity.

Some of the advantages of Fiberglass products from PT Orindo Eratec, which can be taken into consideration for you:

  1. Flame retardant, process propagation is small.
  2. Anti-Corrosion, suitable for all weather.
  3. Lightweight, so installation is easier.
  4. Does not conduct electricity, so it is suitable to be installed in high voltage areas.
  5. Has several color options.
  6. Resistant to various chemicals

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