What does PT Orindo Eratec do?

PT Orindo Eratec is the largest Fibreglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) supplier in Indonesia. Currently, we are serving various FRP products, domestically and globally. To know more about us, please visit www.oritec.co.id.

What is and why FRP?

FRP is a composite product from fiberglass, the fiberglass went through various process to produce various kind of FRP products. The product varies (from handrail into cable tray) and has excellent characteristic. FRP Products has the merit of flexible design (in color, shape and size), lightweightness, anti-corrosion and anti-chemical.

How can I search for best suited FRP Products?

You can drop us an email at sales01@oritec.co.id or call us on +6221-2276-5188 to get a touch with our engineer, and ask for the suited FRP Products you are going to need.

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