FRP Grating Use For Park

FRP Grating Use For Park
April 9, 2021 Oritec
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FRP Grating Use For Park or some people call it as Grating Park, its been famous being use in many countries. While many of us only know, frp grating identic with heavy industry or serious industry. But with the bright colors that FRP Grating have, many countries already use it for walkways or as part of park decoration.

We can found some example in New York, The Madison Square Park Conservancy. An Famous artist, JESSICA STOCKHOLDER designing the park with bright and fun colors. She Choose FRP Grating as part of her design Flooded Chambers Maid”.

The Park became look so bright, and fun for people visit there. The Madison Square Park Conservancy, dedicated to keeping Madison Square Park a bright, beautiful and lively park, is a public/private partnership with New York City Parks & Recreation. 

Jessica Stockholder: Flooded Chambers Maid May 1 – 15, 2009

Here’s some advantages of products from OLine Fiberglass:

  1. Resistant to fire, so it is not flammable.
  2. Anti Corrosion, suitable for all kinds of weather.
  3. Light weight, thus making installation easier.
  4. Does not conduct electricity, so it is suitable when installed in high-voltage areas.
  5. Easy to make and has a choice of bright colors.
  6. Resistant to various chemicals

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