FRP Molded Grating in Offshore Oil Platforms.

FRP Molded Grating in Offshore Oil Platforms.
January 16, 2018 Oritec
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FRP Molded Grating – Orindo Eratec | The reason why offshore oil platforms need to use grating from composites because offshore oil platforms have a list of environmental factors that must be considered when selecting materials. The slippery conditions cause their own unique set of safety concerns, and the risks of fires need to be kept in mind. While these are all important factors, perhaps the driving factor in deciding materials is the weight requirements.

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FRP or most of people know as composites Molded Grating is are lightweight. Savings on labour and equipment often make the total installed cost of OLine FRP molded grating comparable to that of steel. Combining these installation savings with low maintenance, long life and worker safety, OLine offer a life cycle cost that is significantly lower than that of metallic products.

With molded process, our FRP Grating comes in various size and color (contact our engineering regarding your need). With anti-corrosion characteristic, our FRP Grating has been widely used in chemical area.

Altough its unremarkable strength, FRP Profiles are exceptionally lightweight that it can decrease the load transportation needs. FRP are heard of its ability to restrain load with longer life cycle. FRP are made from glass fiber therefore able to planted in corrosive environment without worrying about corrosion. FRP has the ability to resist hazardous chemical. This innovative material provide rigidity with dielectric materials and have extremely insulting material. The material are competitive when it comes to assembly with partition as it is non magnetic and not attracted by magnet. FRP can be cut and installed easily while it has unlimited possibility about coloring, resin and coating. Our product always able to meet the properties demands of different fields and surroundings including chemical preservation, electric electronics, sewage treatment, transportation, and recreation. (V/O)

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