FRP Structural Profile

Pultruded FRP Profiles has unlimited possibility for design usage, as it excel at many aspect. The excellence of FRP Profiles are enough reason to use FRP at many sector including agricultural, architectural until factorial.

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FRP Cable Tray & Cable Ladder

Our FRP Cable Tray & Cable Ladder system designed and developed to satisfy a need in the electrical and corrosion industries for an improvement over galvanized steel aluminium or thermoplastic/non-metallic cable tray system.

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FRP Grating

Walkways has never been so playful and strong like one that using FRP Grating.  With pultruded and molded process, our FRP Grating comes in various size and color (contact our engineering regarding your need). With anti-corrosion characteristic, our FRP Grating has been widely used in chemical area.

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Roofing and Cladding

With the years of experience in this industry, Ruf-Lite have created a new range of Fiber Glass Roofing Sheets that are designed by the experts. We are the leading industrial FRP roof panel manufacturer in Indonesia. The customers have admired our industrial FRP roof sheet. The products offered by ORITEC are low in maintenance, longer service life, sturdy build, resistance against extreme weather conditions and fire.

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More Products

It is everyone’s happiness when material is strong, durable and innovatively creative. Fiberglass are up for that task, and we keep innovating to meet your demand. ORITEC gladly help you with our  newest innovative products. Be it farming, cooling tower, grating, construction, and architectural needs, we are up for the challenge.

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FRP Catalogue Download

Check out our latest products on our catalog. Keep in mind you can always contact us for any other product you are going to need (FRP bolt, FRP manhole, FRP airduct, etc.) And you may also note that custom products are can be consulted to our engineer. We are happy to be part of development of Indonesia.

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