FRP Pultrusion Profile After 12 Years

FRP Pultrusion Profile After 12 Years
September 13, 2021 Oritec
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How is the FRP Pultrusion Profile after 12 years of use in the Cooling tower industry?

There are several pultrusion profile products used by the Cooling Tower industry, namely Angle Bar, U-Channel, and Square Hollow. If you use these products that are made from other than FRP, usually within 3 years it is a must to replace them. Because otherwise it will be able to endanger the safety of workers from the industry. In the following video, you can see the changes that occur after 12 years of using FRP Pultrusion Profiles, namely the product becomes dirty and mold appears on the product.

After 12 years, it can be an option for your company to replace it immediately or still use it for a few more years. But we suggest it would be better if you do a replacement.

Here’s the answer, the advantages of products from OLine Fiberglass:

  1. Resistant to fire, so it is not flammable.
  2. Anti Corrosion, suitable for all kinds of weather.
  3. Light weight, thus making installation easier.
  4. Does not conduct electricity, so it is suitable when installed in high-voltage areas.
  5. Easy to make and has a choice of bright colors.
  6. Resistant to various chemicals

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