I-Beam From FRP For Your Building

I-Beam From FRP For Your Building
June 10, 2021 Oritec
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I beam is a shape of structural that usually made from steel used in buildings and it is also known as H, W, wide, universal beam, or rolled joist. They are designed to play a key role as a support member in structures. These beams have the capacity to withstand various types of loads. This type of structural is widely used for different purposes such as buildings or industrial buildings. They are also widely used in house construction because they are able to support a great amount of weight and can also withstand harsh weather conditions such as fire or hurricanes etc …

But nowadays there is I beam from FRP, It provides years of low maintenance service in areas where steel, aluminum, or wood components were traditionally specified—often used in highly corrosive applications where stainless steel and other expensive parts were once required. 

Compared to structural timber, industrial fiberglass has a higher flexural strength with outstanding resistance to extreme bending. I Beam is a structural that is able to support a great amount of weight and can also withstand harsh conditions such as fire or hurricanes.

Here’s some advantages of products from OLine Fiberglass:

  1. Resistant to fire, so it is not flammable.
  2. Anti Corrosion, suitable for all kinds of weather.
  3. Light weight, thus making installation easier.
  4. Does not conduct electricity, so it is suitable when installed in high-voltage areas.
  5. Easy to make and has a choice of bright colors.
  6. Resistant to various chemicals

So what are you waiting for? Get more information you need by contacting us!

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