Pultrusion Indonesia

Pultrusion Indonesia
November 21, 2018 Oritec
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Pultrusion is one of continuous molding process that can produce FRP products of infinitely long constant sections. The raw material contains liquid resin mixture (including resin, filter and special additive) and reinforced fiber (including fiberglass roving, mat and fabric). Reinforced fiber is pulled by traction device, wetted by resin mixture, extruded into a certain shape through the heated die and released into a constant FRP Profiles.

Some of the features of pultruded process are the natures of lightweight, high strength, corrosion resintance, electric insulation, anti-aging, non-magnetic, easy processing and bright color, able to meet the properties demands of different fields and surroundings, and are widely use in infrastructure, chemical preservation, electric electronics, sewage treatment, transportation, and recreation

Pultruded FRP Profiles including H/I beam, C/U channel, round tube, square tube, flat bar and rod, etc. Standard profile and specially designed for customized profile.

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