Strength Calculation OLine FRP Cable Ladder

Strength Calculation OLine FRP Cable Ladder
June 3, 2021 Oritec
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Cable Ladder made from fiberglass, can be an option for those of you who want to tidy up large-scale cables and with laying in areas that have a high level of corrosion. Find your cable ladder size needs with us!

Suited for electrical, instrumentation and telecommunications cables. Can support heavy cables, cable bundles and pipes at long support spans. Cables can enter and exit anywhere along the span.

Here is the Load Deflection Test of Oline FRP Cable Ladder:

Here’s the answer, the advantages of products from OLine Fiberglass:

  1. Resistant to fire, so it is not flammable.
  2. Anti Corrosion, suitable for all kinds of weather.
  3. Light weight, thus making installation easier.
  4. Does not conduct electricity, so it is suitable when installed in high-voltage areas.
  5. Easy to make and has a choice of bright colors.
  6. Resistant to various chemicals

So what are you waiting for? Get more information you need by contacting us!

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