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  • Jul212021

    FRP Cable Ladder

    The FRP Cable Ladder is the ideal solution for cable management in areas that are constantly damp or where marine…

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  • Jul122021

    How To Cut FRP Grating?

    There are many advantages in using FRP gratings besides great strength but with a light weight, resistance to several chemicals…

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  • Jul062021

    Why Is FRP Used?

    For those of you who are curious, is there a product whose basic material is as strong as Steel but…

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  • Jun232021

    Ceiling Grating FRP

    Ceiling Grating FRP or more commonly known as Ceiling Grating has added value to the aesthetics for your room design.…

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  • Jun102021

    I-Beam From FRP For Your Building

    I beam is a shape of structural that usually made from steel used in buildings and it is also known…

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  • Jun032021

    Strength Calculation OLine FRP Cable Ladder

    Cable Ladder made from fiberglass, can be an option for those of you who want to tidy up large-scale cables…

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  • May242021

    Jual FRP Molded Grating Murah

    Jual FRP Molded Grating Murah FRP Molded Grating (Open Mesh), PRODUK TERBATAS! Dengan banyaknya kebutuhan akan grating berbahan FRP, kini…

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  • May062021

    Molded Grating

    Products: Grating Industry: Chemical Processing PROBLEM: Efficiently load corrosive chemicals into tank trucks for transfer to job site or end…

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  • Apr262021

    Floor Grating

    Floor Grating for some heavy industrial like oil and gas industry, factory expected to have a very large strength considering…

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  • Apr222021


    SPECIAL PRICE !!! For FRP Molded Grating (Open Mesh), Limited Products! With the many needs for forming a grid made…

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