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  • May122023

    Differences between Conventional Septic Tanks and O-Max Biophilic Septic Tank

    Did you know, septic tank is one of the important elements that must be present in order to make a…

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  • Apr052023

    OLine PP Drainage : Problems and Solutions for Your Drainage

    Did you know that drainage is a series of water buildings that have a function in reducing or disposing of…

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  • Feb092023

    OLine PP Drainage and OLine SMC Drainage: The Innovative Solutions for Public Area Facilities

    PT. Orindo Eratec is proud to announce the launch of two new products: OLine PP Drainage and OLine SMC Drainage.…

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  • Jan252023

    Upgrade Your Drainage System with OLine Drainage: The Solution to Clogged Drainage in Indonesia

    Indonesia’s drainage system just got an upgrade with the arrival of OLine Drainage. The company offers two top-of-the-line drainage options…

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