Why Harbor Need To Use FRP Grating?

Why Harbor Need To Use FRP Grating?
March 7, 2018 Oritec
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If you visit the harbor, you will surely find the abundance of wood use especially in the seafront area. One of them serves as a pedestal or road to take passengers from the mainland into the ship. But there are many shortcomings in the use of timber on the harbor, as wood has to be replaced frequently if not wood will be porous, because the environmental factor of the wood is located. Things like that are very dangerous if not in the check periodically.

However, the current use of timber at ports can be replaced by the use of FRP Grating. FRP Grating has many advantages in accordance with standard port requirements. The advantages they have are:
High strength: Grating with FRP material has the power to withstand large loads; Corrosion Resistant: FRP Grating is also anti-corrosion, so it is suitable also in the sea area; Fire Resistant: Fire is one of the unavoidable disasters, but the FRP gratings are resistant to fire; Easy Installation: Having easy installation process is also one of the advantages possessed; Chemical Resistant: Chemical-based droplets can also have a bad effect on wood, but chemical resistant is an advantage of FRP.

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