Your OLine FRP Molded Grating

Your OLine FRP Molded Grating
February 6, 2020 Oritec
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OLine’s range of Structural Grating Products possess many benefits over traditional materials. Workplace safety is vital in all places of work, but Fiberglass Structural Flooring products excel in industries such as Water/Wastewater Treatment Plants, Railway Maintenance, Service Risers, Rooftop Access Walkways and many more.

The performance benefits possessed include but are not limited to Structural FRP Grating that is as strong as steel

OLine’s Structural Flooring products can be used as a flooring product on their own there are endless application types such as:

  1. Service Risers
  2. Rooftop Access
  3. Access Platforms
  4. Trench Covers
  5. Structural Stair Treads
  6. Trackpans

Anti-slip FRP Open Mesh, Fibreglass Covered Grating, and FRP Pultruded Grating Systems have light weight and maintenance free. FRP Grating can be easily fabricated on site meaning lower installation costs and fewer man hours.

  • OL MG: FRP Molded Grating – A high strength square mesh structure with bi-directional strength.
  • OL PG: FRP Pultruded Grating – A uni-directional high strength structure. Incorporates twice the stiffness of open mesh grating as it can span greater distances.

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